Frequently Asked Questions

What is this server about? 

SkyDreamsMC is a minecraft network that is currently featuring factions and skyblock. The network plans to release prisons soon!

How do I join the Discord?

Click discord in the navigation bar!


Do you have to pay real money with the 'irl store'?

Yes you do. You can get ranks, tags and much more for the as little as 0.50p. Every penny goes to the server so we can keep it running. However, you can unlock somethings by our 'free crates' (Crates you can access in game). In each one there is a token, which you can use to get cool stuff for free, which give you access to one of the irl crates. Ranks and tags and much range from 0.50p - £35, in the store and in the 'free crates'! Maybe you could get it to!

Can I be Staff or Builder?

We are not currently accepting applications

How do I apply for the YT Rank?

We are currently in the process of setting up YouTube rank, it will be avaliable to apply for shortly.

The requirements are:

> A good amount of subscribers(Around 1k) or a good viewer status. If you do not have much subscribers but alot of views you will be still accepted.

> A striving community

> Able to record on SkyDreamsMC


How do I get ranks?

You can get ranks aswell as loads of other cool items at Prices

range from 0.50p - £35.

Any other questions? Feel free to message our staff on the forums or discord!