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SkyDreamsMc Rules


Forum Rules

1. Be Respectful.

2. Please dont spam.

3. Please dont abuse the forums.

4. Please keep the site PG.

5. Please dont post threads in the wrong areas.

6. Stick to all the Minecraft Rules Below.

7. Have fun!


Minecraft Rules

1. Swearing isnt allowed.

2. Please listen to staff.

3. Please dont spam.

4. Griefing is not allowed apart from if you are on factions.

5. No Politcal or Religeous messages as this leads to arguements.

6. Report mean players with /report or on the forums.

7. Racism is strictly prohibited.

8. Please do not ask for free things.

9. Please do not advertise.

10. Please be respectful to all the members of the community.

11. DO not reapply within 1 month of previously applying (for staff, builder or youtuber) otherwise this will result in a punishment).


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Who are we?

We are a minecraft network called SkyDreamsMc. We offer great and free gameplay. The SkyDreamsMc Network is currently featureing factions. But in the next coming weeks we hope to release skyblock. We allso hope to release prisons in the coming year. Please stay updated on our forums and discord!

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