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SkyDreams Decision 

The Skydreams team and I have come to the decision to close the network temporarily.  We will begin to reopen the new network mid way through next year to bring the players the best experience possible! The twitter, forums and Discord will still be open for you to chat on and we will post little updates if anything changes. Other then updates about changing we will not be making announcements so for now this is the SkyDreams Network going offline.


- LewisB1 - Founder and Owner of SkyDreams

3 months ago

SkyDreamsMc Rules


Forum Rules

1. Be Respectful.

2. Please dont spam.

3. Please dont abuse the forums.

4. Please keep the site PG.

5. Please dont post threads in the wrong areas.

6. Stick to all the Minecraft Rules Below.

7. Have fun!


Minecraft Rules

1. Swearing isnt allowed.

2. Please listen to staff.

3. Please dont spam.

4. Griefing is not allowed apart from if you are on factions.

5. No Politcal or Religeous messages as this leads to arguements.

6. Report mean players with /report or on the forums.

7. Racism is strictly prohibited.

8. Please do not ask for free things.

9. Please do not advertise.

10. Please be respectful to all the members of the community.

11. DO not reapply within 1 month of previously applying (for staff, builder or youtuber) otherwise this will result in a punishment).


7 months ago


Who are we?

We are a minecraft network called SkyDreamsMc. We offer great and free gameplay. The SkyDreamsMc Network is currently featureing factions and skyblock. But in the next coming months we hope to release prisons. Please stay updated on our forums and discord!

7 months ago



Welcome to the new SkyDreamsMC Forums!

The SkyDreamsMc Network now has a new forums! We will update everyone about the network on our forums and discord. The new forums is very new so if you find any problems please report it in the support area!

Please register an account to join the community!


In other news the network is only a couple of weeks from releaseing our brand new gamemode "skyblock"

We will keep you all updated on our forums and discord with pictures and info about skyblock!



We have just released our new hub on the SkyDreamsMc Network! When you join the network you will be put into the new hub where you can use your compass OR click on the npc to go to the server you want we currently only have factions open but very shortly we will have skyblock and prisons coming to the network. You can get back to the hub at any time on any server by doing the command /hub . You allso have lots of cool features in hub such as gadgets, mystery boxes, parkour and more! You can get gadgets and mystery dust from mystery boxes and with that mystery dust you can allso buy more mystery boxes or buy gadgets! The higher rank you are on the server the better gadgets you get. We allso have a new friends system where on any server at any time you can do the command /friend [player] this makes it so this player is friends so when you are in the hub you can open up the friend gui with the skull at the end of your hotbar! This is where you can jump to the server your friend is in, set up your settings and much more. You can msg your friend from any server on the SkyDreamsMc Network by doing /friend msg [player] [message] . 


Have a good day

- the skydreams team

7 months ago