First off, Factions can be very complicated, especially when you're a new player. To back up a bit, Factions is one of the most popular multiplayer game modes. It revolves around being part of a team, building a base, and raiding other players. But it's a lot more than just blowing up a house made out of wood.

What A Base Should Look Like

This is a picture of a base:


It looks pretty secure, right?

With a couple of creeper eggs, you could obliterate that base.


Let's look at another base:

 Now that… that's a faction base!

A corner claim, 16 walls, and a obsidian center.

Not the best base ever, but it's a good start

This is the type of base you need to aim for, but you don't know any other stuff? Move Down!

How To Claim A Base

To create a faction, do /f create [name of your faction] You're free to give it any name you want but if any horrible words, phrases etc will be banned. However, I would suggest joining a faction. Joining a faction will give you an easy start, if they let you in that is. Not all factions want to let you in, so sometimes it's best to  create your own. If you decided to create your own faction, the first thing you need to do is to make a base. Base building can be expensive, and with your money, you don't have much. To gain items and money, do /vote. If you haven't done that yet, then do it!

How To Claim Land

Claiming land is very easy. All you need to do is /f claim. I would suggest turning on chunk borders so you know what to claim as the claim is 16x16, which is the length of a chunk. It will then make it so no other faction can destroy/touch your stuff, only the people who are in your faction. Your claim can become unclaimed if your power is low! As it shows your faction is becoming weak. 

Faction Power? What?

Every faction has power, it starts of at max, you can claim things and much more, but it can go down. The thing which makes it go down is death. If you die you lose power, and this happens alot when you have lots of members in your faction. People will die constantly, but there is a way, and the way is to stay alive and get more members in your faction. The more the better you power in your faction, the better you and your faction will be in raids and much more. 50 50 right?

How To Invite People To Your Faction

Inviting people to your faction is quite easy, all you need to do is /f invite [Players Current Username] and it will invite them. This will be very handy in growing your faction or someone elses faction. You will use this alot! 

If you are wanting to find out more commands for your faction do /f help and it will help you there.