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Skyblock Released 3 months ago

Skydreams is proud to announce that skyblock is now here!

Skyblock is an exciting game where you can create your own little island and begin to level up and build. Play solo or team up with your friends and create the ultimate island. To get started simply login to Skydreams and press Skyblock in the server menu. For any other help do /is help

Skyblock has a ton of cool features, such as:
Free Gameplay,
Auction House,
Custom Shop,
Island menu,
And much much more!

Login with to begin!

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Welcome to the new SkyDreamsMC Forums!

The SkyDreamsMc Network now has a new forums! We will update everyone about the network on our forums and discord. The new forums is very new so if you find any problems please report it in the support area!

Please register an account to join the community!

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