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Bringing back our servers
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FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions) is designed to help answer common questions we get asked. Please before asking for any sort of help make sure to read here first!
Thank you!
1. What is SkyDreamsMC/ SkyDreams Development?
SkyDreamsMc Network is a miencraft server(s) where we make servers for the community to have fun playing! We plan on making difference type of servers which you guys can have fun!

2. How do I apply to be apart of the team?
To apply to be apart of our team please go to the Apply Page. We have a variety of applications for you to fill out to suit your role and join our team! Fill in the questions provided and submit your application. Please bear in mind applications won't always be accepted!

3. How do I join the Discord?
You can join the Discord by clicking here or clicking the advertisement below!

4. Where do I go to gain support?
There are various ways of gaining support. You can gain support through the website by going to the Forums Page and creating a forum post in the support category. Please make sure you choose the correct type of support needed. 

As well as this you can get access to live support from our developers and team through Discord. You can join the discord by clicking here.

5.  Can i play for free?
Yes! You can play on our servers for free! We do have a store where you can buy perks to support our server but there is always ways to win without paying any money!

More questions will be added here! If you have any suggestions feel free to let us know on the forums or on our discord!